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Centrepointe Artistic
Preschool & Kindergarten
Our theme, TRI COLOUR describes the different areas of

RED - Spatial intelligence (refers to the capacity to think visually
          and orient oneself spatially)

       - Musical intelligence
(refers to the capacity to appreciate a
         variety of musical forms in addition to using music as a
         vehicle of expression)

       - Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence
(refers to the capacity of using
         one's own body skillfully as a means of expression or to work
         skillfully to create or manipulate objects)

BLUE - Linguistic intelligence (refers to an individual's capacity to
            use language effectively as a vehicle of expression and

       - Interpersonal intelligence
(refers to the capacity to
         appropriately and effectively  respond to other people and
         understand their feelings)

       - Intrapersonal intelligence
(refers to the capacity to accurately
         know one's self, including knowledge on one's own  
         strengths, motivations, goals, and feelings)

GREEN - Logical-Mathematical intelligence (refers to an
               individual's capacity to think  logically, use numbers
               effectively, solve problems scientifically, and discern
               relationships and patterns between concepts and things)